HPX Academy

Big changes for us in 2019. Not only are we rolling out some new products and services, but our most notable change is our name change, to HPX Media Inc.

There were a few reasons we felt the name change was not only the right thing to do, but that doing it now, was right. Our old name, Halftone Pixel Website Design & Consulting, while unique and very good for search engines, was a real mouthful. In addition, we do so much more than websites and we were concerned that we may be pigeon-holing ourselves. Plus, nobody could spell Halftone. As our plans for 2019 involve broadening services and our client base internationally, we felt that best time to change was now.

We tossed around a lot of names but HPX Media Inc. felt right—a bit of an homage to our past, plus, it’s short, succinct, and just vague enough to give us a little wiggle room to add more services, giving us a great foundation for the future.

Introducing HPX Media Inc. In addition to the websites that you already know we specialize in, we also offer a variety of services we often don’t chat about, like: graphic and print design, copy writing, brand development and website monitoring. Essentially, we are a one-stop shop for businesses looking to establish a brand and create a foundation onto which future marketing efforts can be built.

If you’ve got any questions for how we can help your business, or if you know of somebody who could use our services, as always, we offer a free 30 minute consultation. Contact us with any questions you may have or for a consultation.