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HPX Media is located on the beautiful west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island. While we live in paradise, we don't let it distract us from delivering the highest calibre of work to businesses across Canada and the great United States.
British Columbia

HPX Media was founded on the principles of clarity, transparency, #nofluff advice, excellent client relationships and building websites that make your visitors choose you over your competition.

We go the extra mile. You can see it in our process, how we answer your questions, how we write our emails. We always deliver our best even when there’s an eaiser way. We do things right.

We go the extra mile. You can see it in our process, how we answer your questions, how we write our emails. We always deliver our best even when there’s an eaiser way. We do things right.

Up front & fixed pricing

You always know what your project will cost. Instead of worrying about what the “real” cost will be at the end, spend your time worrying about how you’re going to deal with all that new business.

Clarity & Transparency

This isn’t our first rodeo and our over two decades of experience has made us organized, efficient and our streamlined process means a better experience for you.

Frustration & Hassle-Free

Our goal is not to provide you with the cheapest option, but to provide you with a solution that will save you grey hair and swearing.

Your clients are our clients.

We value your clients just as much as you do, and their experience with your website is just as important to us as it is to you.

We thought these were all pretty good principles, and we’re pleased that it’s resonated with our clients. HPX Media is over a decade old and we’ve won several awards and have many clients from those early days. See what they have to say.

Awards & Nominations


2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015: Reader’s Choice award for Best Web/Graphic Designer in the Comox Valley.


2016: Nominated for Best Small Business in the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce’s annual community awards.


2014:  Nominated in the Best New Business category in the CV Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Community Awards.


2013: HPX Media was one of the top three finalists in the Best New Business category in the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Community Awards.

What we believe

We believe in small businesses. We get out of bed in the morning for small businesses. Regardless of whether it’s located in our business, Dallas, Texas or Toronto, Canada. When small businesses succeed, communities flourish.

Most small business websites that do little more than take up space. They exist simply because—like a phone number—business owners know they must have one, however they feel frustration when they need to update their website or add new content. Often times they waste hours that they don’t have, trying to accomplish something that doesn’t look like their vision, or worse yet, can’t complete it due to unforeseen issues that online troubleshooting just can’t seem to provide answers.

Your website is a powerful machine—like a high performance car, you can take on the road and put the pedal to the floor, or you can leave it in the garage. This distinction is what drives us. At HPX Media, we show our clients how to get more sales and more engagement from their website. We know that your website is your 24/7 sales team, and we know how to put them to work so your website adds to your bottom line, not detract from it.

Small businesses truly make up the fabric of our communities. They are often synonymous with local causes and and donate their time, products/services and money to matters of importance in their area. We want to see these businesses succeed against their bigger competition, which is why we love working with them. With the right branding, graphics and marketing, a small business can look as good or better than their competition. We love helping small business owners grow their business in ways they never thought possible.

Intentional, Purposeful Design Practices

Any person can create a logo or a website in the same way anyone can drive a car by getting in the driver’s seat and slamming the pedal to the floor. The difference is that we take the time to understand the business, its future, its challenges and most importantly, its customers and its message.

Client Success Comes First

Our success comes only after the success of our clients. Businesses invest in themselves through us, and we take this trust very seriously. We’re not here to build our portfolio, we’re here to help business owners take their business to the next level.

Strengthening Our Communities

We believe strongly in community—people helping people—and HPX Media favours helping many through empowering a key few. By donating design work to organizations which may not otherwise have access, the results can be profound.

HPX Media History

HPX Media Inc. owner Kris Trudeau has been creating websites, logos and printed materials for small and medium businesses for over 20 years. After 11 years in the private sector, Kris had ideas for how a creative business could be run better. In fall 2011, Kris put her theories to the test and started HPX Media with nothing but a laptop, an internet connection, an outdated book of colour swatches from 1991 and some notions about how a business in this industry could be run better. She was brand new to Vancouver Island and had no connections—no networks to draw from. Eager to take on the challenge, she quickly learned that not only did her ideas have merit, they really resonated with customers, resulting in a steady supply of work that has continued to grow.

Today, Kris and HPX Media works with businesses on beautiful Vancouver Island and across Canada to build websites, logos and printed materials that not only look good but get results. HPX Media (formerly Halftone Pixel Website Design & Consulting) has been connecting businesses with customers through professional engaging website and graphic design since 2011.

HPX Media will celebrate its tenth anniversary in the fall of 2021.

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