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5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads and What You Can Do About It

Every business should be generating leads daily, and if your website isn’t bringing you leads, you’re missing out on conversions and sales. When it comes to lead generation, the wrong thinking can harm your reputation and your business.


One common pitfall is positioning a site as just another brochure of products and services with little interactivity or engagement on behalf of visitors — this approach won’t work! Your web presence should actively generate leads for you so that when potential clients come across them online at some point in their search process, all you have to do is convert these strangers into paying customers.


If your website isn’t doing this for you, you need to look at why and what you can do to fix this.

1. Lack of Online Visibility

The most typical reason for a website’s failure to produce leads is visibility loss. When your site does not appear on top of the major search engines, such as Google, and you do not advertise to get prospective clients to your site, your business is almost invisible. In most cases, people will only discover your business website if they are familiar with your organization’s name or provide them with contact information.


To improve your website visibility on search engines and generate leads, you must be prominent to drive traffic to your website. One way to do this is through pay-per-click marketing. The moment people type relevant keywords to your brand, advertisements for your organization will show at the top of the search engines. Through pay-per-click marketing, every click is charged, which is a helpful method to generate leads.

2.  Your Site Is Not Building Trust

Building trust by including examples of your work, case studies, and reviews all contribute to persuading a visitor to engage through your website. It demonstrates that other customers have a happy impression of you, and they perfectly know what they are getting and that you have a quick response time if something problem occurs.


Visitors do not care if your business is one day or 100s of days old — they need to know you can solve their problem. If you don’t demonstrate credibility, there is no trust and your visitors will hit the back button heading to your competitors’ website instead.


One more tip in developing trust is through the content on your website. Displaying your expertise and assisting visitors as they explore your website not only establishes trust, but you are also unintentionally selling yourself to them. Gaining consumer trust and building a high reputation can enable you to position yourself as an industry leader and provide you with a competitive advantage.

3. No Definitive CTA Indicates Poor Lead Generation

Lead generation is composed of two parts — driving traffic to your website and conversions. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website such as:


  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, SnapChat and LinkedIn
  • Good Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads


Do not use social media as your website or direct your traffic to your social media platforms but rather use these platforms to drive traffic to your website.


A call to action button is a line or an image such as a hyperlink or button that prompts users to perform a specific action like buy, click, and others. CTAs, for example, might be attached to lead generators such as subscriptions, eBooks, or a free trial. Without CTAs, a website will struggle to convert visitors into leads. Call to Action can be an amazing tool for conversions. Use the CTA to get your lead to complete the task — make a purchase, sign up for a meeting, download something, etc.


In enhancing your copywriting, create relevant, eye-catching, emphasized call to action in everything on the website. It is better not to make the typical error of simply utilizing the CTAs at the bottom, such as placing them at the end of an article. Having a lot of CTAs and evenly distributing them throughout the content is excellent and will get you the best results.

4. Website Content is Either Insufficient or Poor

Getting people to your website isn’t good enough. Your website needs to provide value to those who land on it. When converting a website visitor into a paying customer, you only have a few seconds and even fewer opportunities to establish a powerful first impression. If the subject, style, or tone of your product detail page or content does not appeal to them, visitors will be unwilling to take action. Don’t lose your most valuable customers due to insufficient and poor content.


Highlight how your service or product will help potential customers solve their difficulties. Be formal or casual, and coordinate the tone and style of your intended audience. Edit and polish your work before posting it, or get the assistance of a content marketing agency to optimize your article. When a company’s content reaches out to its target audience, it piques their interest. As a result, they are significantly better at learning and converting information.

5. Poor Website Navigation

Remember — your competition is literally one back click away. Poorly constructed navigation is one of the most prevalent website difficulties that organizations encounter today. One might believe that adding everything within your main navigation will assist visitors, but it ultimately confuses them. Visitors are uncertain of which page they are looking through because of how many selections are available.


The navigation must be straightforward and clear. Your website visitors will depart if the navigation is too difficult to understand. Even though a website appears to be excellent, this does not imply that it is simple to use. You want your visitors to stay on the site and turn into a conversion to complete your sale.

At HPX Media, We Can Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine

If one of your marketing objectives is to generate leads, it might be discouraging when you don’t achieve the outcomes you expect. If you ever want your website to become a lead generation machine, start by considering the factors listed above. Fortunately, increasing the number of leads on your website is a fixable problem.


Whenever you require assistance converting more leads through your website’s digital properties, you can always rely upon HPX Media. At HPX Media, we are delighted to review your present marketing and website efforts. We will also attend to your business goals and lead generation. Most importantly, we will provide recommendations on how to achieve them. Contact us today so we can start turning your site into a lead generation machine.


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