Reviews & Testimonials

“When I decided to re-brand my business, I had no idea where to start. Kris was very helpful with the whole process. From logo design to website layout and content, Kris provided leading edge-techniques and design. I was extremely appreciative of how Kris helped me look at my business from the standpoint of a customer so that what we created was meaningful to my potential customers. Kris was super awesome and transparent throughout the whole process, and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a quality website or graphic design.”

Sayre Neufeld

Owner, Coast Catalyst Construction

“Diving head-on starting a business is scary enough, but add uncertainty and it can make you stall altogether. Kris at HPX Media was so supportive throughout the whole process. You can be sure she will think of designs and solutions you have never thought of. We made the classic rookie mistake of doing a quick and cheap label design at a well-known website and paid the price, literally! By investing just a little more with Kris, we ended up with a completely new product. When we brought our product into stores and it stood next to the others, we were proud and excited instead of embarrassed and uncertain!

Thank you so much Kris, your work made us really believe this is something we can do and that it can be BIG!”

Jacklyn Van Bourgondien

Owner, Healthy Harvest

“Kris and I worked closely to develop the site. I would let her know what I wanted and she would do her magic and come up with exactly what I wanted. I was completely amazed at how knowledgeable she is and her professionalism has been outstanding. Her work ethic has instilled in me that there are still people out there who will go beyond the call of duty to ensure their client is number one.”

Jan Ashcroft

Owner, Ashcroft & Associates

“I want to thank you so much for your patience, & your ability to reign me in and keep me focused! You were never afraid to give your professional opinion even when it differed vastly from mine. My website is clean, fresh & easy to navigate, everything that I wanted and that was all you!”

Katalin Lippay


“We are so impressed with our website Kris has developed for us. It is very professional looking and easy to use. Even Rick can use it. (Ha ha!) Thank you so much Kris for all your hard work and also for your patience with us first-timers.”

Cat Haddon

Owner, Haddon Heating

“Kris’s professionalism during that consultation impressed me so much, I knew immediately that I wanted her to design my logo’s and new label, she knew exactly what questions to ask to help me explain my product and the branding I wanted associated with it.”

Mandolyn Jonasson

Owner, Island SodaWords

“Kris – these are the type of comments I received from fellow professionals: The website looks great – it gives the appearance that you really do know your stuffThe new website looks sharp!, and The website looks awesome! Well worth it. Very professional. Thanks Kris”

Jon Sigurson

Senior Lawyer, Sigurdson Legal Counsel

“I have found Kris to display a high level of skill and creativity in her field, with professional design skills and thorough and logical project planning and execution. Her organization, demeanour and professionalism always made it a joy to work with her. On projects where I had the final say in terms of the graphic design I have always counted on Kris to meet and exceed my expectations. Not only is she an expert in her domain but she goes above and beyond the scope of her abilities to understand other aspects of her projects.”

Clayton Rumley

Owner, Digifi, Inc.

“Working with Kris has been delightful for many reasons—her level of professionalism, her great sense of humour, her complete commitment to her work, her dedication to her word and her awesome creativity. Her work has brought a professional artistic level of design that I was lacking before.”

Jacqueline Watson

Executive Director, Double Waters

“Kris was a welcome addition to the Studio team. She was very well organized and completed the projects we had collaborated on together efficiently. She was a team player and worked at creating a positive working atmosphere within the department.”

Lindsay Duke

Editor, Studio Publications

“IT’S AWESOME!!! Just what we wanted – thank you so much. Working with you was a pleasure from start to finish – with your ideas, comments and continuous emails, this is one of the best and most productive business dealings we’ve had to date with the opening of the office.”

Karilynn Enns

Office Manager, Roblin West Law

“I love that you are continually upgrading your knowledge and move that onto your clients.”

Jan Ashcroft

Owner, Ashcroft & Associates

“The SEO has improved significantly since HPX Media Inc. made our website, Eden Therapy RMT Clinic. I don’t know what they did, but damn. Yay! For a business that relies on customers engaging through a google search, this is invaluable. If you need a website made, look no further! Thanks so much Kris and team!!”

Naomi Friesen

Owner, Eden Therapy

“HPX Media is becoming known as one of the best, most progressive and informative companies when it comes to website design and internet marketing in the Comox Valley. People trust her, know they will get what they need to grow their business and she is in such demand that she has had to hire staff to assist her to continue to provide their product in a timely fashion. I wish Kris and HPX Media nothing but success in the future.”

Tara Laderoute

Owner, Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services

“HPX Media has grown very quickly and has unlimited potential to keep going. Kris hires help locally wherever possible, giving opportunities to young programmers that may otherwise have to leave town to find work. Kris has made many contributions to the community through volunteering her time, expertise and through sponsoring local events wherever possible.”

Angela Zumbo

Owner, Your Island Mortgage Team

“With the support, insight and expertise provided by Ms. Trudeau and HPX Media, the Comox Nautical Days Festival reached new audiences and enhanced our overall community engagement.”

Susan Wood

Past Producer, Comox Nautical Days

“I’d highly recommend HPX Media to all of my friends and business associates. The work was completed on schedule, on budget, and with panache and distinction. Kris truly is a technological artist.”

Jared Welychko

Owner, Shield Hazmat

“After several frustrating trials with other website design companies, we were lucky to hear about Mrs. Trudeau and her creative team at HPX Media. Kris has provided excellent service to our company by helping us to build and launch our glass website on time and at a reasonable price.”

Guillermo Mier

Owner, Crystal Clear Glass

“Kris is a great person to work with and is a warm, smart, caring individual. I would have no problem referring Kris to anyone who requires the services she provides.”

Joe Renooy

Past President, Young Professionals Comox Valley

“Kris did a great job in designing my company’s website. Not only is she a good creative designer, but she is well-versed in other web areas. This resulted in a site which not only looks professional and beautiful, but is optimized for SEO. Moreover, Kris flexibly accommodates to client requests, while also sharing her point of view, leading to better joint decisions. Finally, Kris is well-organized and reacts very quickly to communication. She delivered the site 2 weeks ahead of schedule!”

André van Regenmortel

Founder, Asturias Consulting

“Besides being a joy to work with, Kris is a self-motivated person who is highly skilled at presenting creative ideas and communicating the benefits. She was instrumental to the creation and deployment of marketing initiatives which included copywriting, print media and web design both for our many customers and for our internal marketing projects; including our own corporate image.”

Robert Hagenstein

Manager of Business Development, Apptius Computer Solutions

“Kris works well in a team, with account executives, website designers and marketing specialists and selects appropriate medium and styles in conjunction with a client’s requirement to meet the constraints of cost, time and client budgets, all qualities of an effective Project Manager.”

Deb Perreault

Account Executive, Apptius Computer Solutions

“Kris excelled at many new technologies, always able to work in new environments and adapt to changing technologies and business processes. She was also excellent at seeing opportunities for improvements in the company and departmental processes and she greatly influenced procedures that are still in use today.”

Scott Toderash

Chief Technology Officer, Rainy Day

“Working with Kris has been professional, efficient and enjoyable. Her generosity and enthusiasm continues to amaze me. Her design work is innovative, instinctive and a natural ability. Rarely do I need to further explain my own ideas or changes; she listens well and understands the projects at hand.”

Lori Derksen

Organizer, Urban Youth Adventures

“Kris Trudeau has volunteered her creative and technical skills for Urban Youth Adventures [for over two years]. Her work has helped Urban Youth Adventures, a new charitable organization, to develop a consistent and compelling public image through photos, newsletters, website and special event promotional materials. Kris is great to work with. She quickly understood the needs, mandate and opportunities of our organization and quickly applies her innovative energies to the challenges.”

Cornelius Buller

Executive Director, Urban Youth Adventures