OVERSITE Website Care Plans

Each month, our OVERSITE website care plans take care of 60+ geeky and tedious website tasks so you and your staff can get back to business.
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Why do I need a Website Care Plan?

Every day businesses miss out on sales because of common website problems they are completely unaware of. Broken banners, page loading errors and forms that don’t send, as well as hacked or broken websites can ruin good reputations. These issues result in a less-than-stellar experience for your user, which results in a loss of sales.

Like cars, websites need technical oversite, regardless of the platform they are from. Ongoing maintenance for your website can be a daunting, technical task. With constant news of business websites being hacked, changes with Google, new technologies and devices being introduced daily, it can be really hard for a business to know what to do or where to start, or may not have the skills in-house.

We have you covered.

Each month, we take care of the nerdy stuff behind the scenes like backups, updates but we also physically visit the website each month with a trained eye, so we can ensure the site is working and looking the way it should.

Our OVERSITE Website Care plans have you covered, so you and your staff can get back to business.

Our monitoring service includes a couple of things others don’t…

We do a lot of the things other companies do but here’s what makes us different: We physically visit your WordPress website each month. Your website can experience issues that only visiting the website will catch: broken Google maps, broken features or fonts and failed forms, to name a few. Trust us to provide the OVERSITE your website needs, so you don’t have to. Our WordPress Integrity Plans include these great features:


Visual Website Inspections

We’ll fill out forms, check fonts, layout of elements, plus more…

Real-Time Security Protection

Our firewall stops malicious traffic before it can even access your site.

24/7 Up-Time Monitoring

Automated alerts alert us the instant your site goes offline.


Easy-to-Read Monthly Reports

Our reports keep you in the loop with anything we may have found or fixed.

Website & Database Backups

Rest easy knowing regular backups keep of your website protected.


WordPress Component Updates

We keep you secure with regular plugin, framework and template updates.


Malware Scanning

We monitor your site for any malicious activity that could be happening.

Your Trusted Partner

We are your long-term partner for trusted and reliable support and advice.

Visual Basic Small Pro
Visual-Only Ideal for non-WordPress websites. $85 per month
Get Started
Basic Ideal for blogs and 2-3 page WP websites. $125 per month
Get Started
Professional Ideal for professionals with WP websites with 5-8 pages. $225 per month
Get Started
Small Business Ideal for businesses with websites that rely heavily on website traffic. $325 per month
Get Started
Features Included Features Included Features Included Features Included
Premium Website Hosting
Hosting your website with us isn’t mandatory to use this service. However, we’ll waive the $200 website transfer fee if you choose to host your website and domains with us.
Save 25% Save 50%
Simple Content Updates
Simple content updates are straight-forward and quick changes that don’t require much explanation. We do reserve the right to determine what we consider simple and what isn’t.
3 updates 5 updates
OVERSITE™ Member Dashboard
Access to the OVERSITE dashboard allows you to review past reports and submit tickets for questions or new work.
Monthly Website Integrity Report
Each month we’ll send you a report with the previous month’s findings so you stay up to date what’s going on with your website.
Core Features:
Offsite & Onsite Website Backups Weekly Daily Hourly
Safe Updates
If, after an update, the site has issues loading, the site is automatically rolled back to the last working version.
Plug-In Updates
We will update your website’s licensed and stand-alone (not theme-dependent) plug-ins.
WordPress Framework Updates
Theme Updates
Your website’s licensed template will be updated as updates are released by the original developer.
Uptime Monitoring
We get notified if your website does down so we can respond accordingly.
Physical Inspection:
General Look & Feel
We will check global elements to ensure your website continues to be attractive and presentable.
Home + 2 pages Home + 2 pages Home + 5 pages Home + 10 pages
Mobile Testing
We’ll test your website on different mobile device each month.
Home + 2 pages Home + 2 pages Home + 5 pages Home + 10 pages
Cross-Browser Testing
We’ll test your website in the current versions of Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
Home + 2 pages Home + 2 pages Home + 5 pages Home + 10 pages
Test Menus
We’ll test the menus to ensure they work and align properly.
Test Website Forms
We will fill out up to 3 forms on your site to ensure they are functional.
Missing Images
We’ll check to make sure there’s no missing images.
Broken Links
We’ll make sure the external links in your website continue to work.
Font Check
We’ll check to ensure the fonts on your site continue to look good.
Spam Comment Moderation
We’ll clean out any spam comments.
Security Features:
User List Review
We’ll look at your list of users to ensure no fake users have been set up. This is a good way to tell if the site has been compromised.
Review Post List
We’ll look at your list of posts to ensure no fake posts have been created. This is a good way to tell if the site has been compromised.

Endpoint Firewall Our robust firewall:

  • Limits or blocks resource-hogging or fake Google crawlers.
  • Blocks brute force attacks.

Security Scanning Our comprehensive malware scanner:

  • scans for malware, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections.
  • flags abandoned plug-ins.
  • includes content safety checks.
Malware Clean-Up We will clean up your website should it ever become compromised. This includes removal of the malware, however any work to rebuild any damage may incur a cost, on which we can quote you. Varies by need Included—up to $150 Included
Optimization/Performance Features:
Initial Image Optimization We’ll optimize your website’s existing images for size to keep from adding unnecessary time to page loads.
Ongoing Image Optimization Optimizes each image you upload to the website. (This is not a replacement for proper image sizing practices.)
Test Website Speed We test the speed of your website to ensure it’s running quickly for users. A slow website can affect your rank in search engines, plus motivates your visitors to hit the BACK button.
Clean Database We clear the database of any unused data so it’s as streamlined and runs as quickly as possible.
Enhanced Spam Protection Great for combatting human-generated spam messages.
Test Website Accessibility We test the accessibility of your website for users with alternative viewing methods. Accessibility can plays a role in how well your website performs in search engines.
Google Analytic Reports We’ll provide the previous months website statistics from Google Analytics.
Discounts on Services:
Free SSL Certificate (https) Free SSL certificate is only available for hosting clients.
Discounted Hourly Studio Rate Receive a discounted rate on the HPX Media hourly rate. Save 5% Save 10%
Website Assessment We’ll review your website from a customer, search engine and development viewpoint and report back with any recommendations or issues we discover. $249 Save 25$ Save 50%
Free Support Minutes Free minutes of included support time per month. 15 min 30 min
Support Queue Priority Regular Regular Priority Priority
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started

By signing up for any one of our website integrity plans, you agree to the terms set out on our Website Integrity Plans Terms of Service page.

What our clients say

We've had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients over the last 12+ years. Here's what some of them have had to say. See our 5-star reviews on Google.

“Impressed me so much”

Kris’s professionalism during that consultation impressed me so much, I knew immediately that I wanted her to design my logo’s and new label, she knew exactly what questions to ask to help me explain my product and the branding I wanted associated with it.

Mandolyn Jonasson
Owner, Island SodaWords

“Warm, smart, caring”

Kris is a great person to work with and is a warm, smart, caring individual. I would have no problem referring Kris to anyone who requires the services she provides.

Joe Renooy
Past President, Young Professionals Comox Valley

“Provided excellent service”

After several frustrating trials with other website design companies, we were lucky to hear about Mrs. Trudeau and her creative team at HPX Media. Kris has provided excellent service to our company by helping us to build and launch our glass website on time and at a reasonable price.

Guillermo Mier
Owner, Crystal Clear Glass

“Truly a technological artist”

I’d highly recommend HPX Media to all of my friends and business associates. The work was completed on schedule, on budget, and with panache and distinction. Kris truly is a technological artist.

Jared Welychko
Owner, Shield Hazmat

“Comox Nautical Days Festival reached new audiences and enhanced our overall community engagement”

With the support, insight and expertise provided by Ms. Trudeau and HPX Media, the Comox Nautical Days Festival reached new audiences and enhanced our overall community engagement.

Susan Wood
Past Producer, Comox Nautical Days

“Volunteering time, expertise and through sponsoring local events”

HPX Media has grown very quickly and has unlimited potential to keep going. Kris hires help locally wherever possible, giving opportunities to young programmers that may otherwise have to leave town to find work. Kris has made many contributions to the community through volunteering her time, expertise and through sponsoring local events wherever possible.

Angela Zumbo
Owner, Your Island Mortgage Team

“Clients will get what they need to grow their business”

HPX Media is becoming known as one of the best, most progressive and informative companies when it comes to website design and internet marketing in the Comox Valley. People trust her, know they will get what they need to grow their business and she is in such demand that she has had to hire staff to assist her to continue to provide their product in a timely fashion. I wish Kris and HPX Media nothing but success in the future.

Tara Laderoute
Owner, Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services

“Continually upgrading knowledge”

I love that you are continually upgrading your knowledge that your clients reap the benefit of that. And most don’t even realize it!

Jan Ashcroft
Owner, Ashcroft & Associates

“Rarely do I need to further explain my own ideas”

Working with Kris has been professional, efficient and enjoyable. Her generosity and enthusiasm continues to amaze me. Her design work is innovative, instinctive and a natural ability. Rarely do I need to further explain my own ideas or changes; she listens well and understands the projects at hand.

Lori Derksen
Organizer, Urban Youth Adventures

“Working with you was a pleasure from start to finish”

IT’S AWESOME!!! Just what we wanted – thank you so much. Working with you was a pleasure from start to finish – with your ideas, comments and continuous emails, this is one of the best and most productive business dealings we’ve had to date with the opening of the office.

Karilynn Enns
Office Manager, Roblin West Law

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