You weren’t meant to geek out with your website.

Ditch those icky feelings of frustration and anxiety when trying to deal with the technical aspects of website ownership.

You need a reliable partner you can trust to manage the hosting & technical maintenance of your website so you can get back to doing what you were meant to do.

Hassle-Free Website Ownership   •   Continuous, Long-Term Service   •   Canadian-Based Hosting

Our hassle-free managed website hosting and maintenance packages make your website work for you, not against you.

We know that you’ve got a job to do and you want to do that job without the hassles of trying to manage a ghosting hosting company, or, worse yet—try to understand and troubleshoot—the geeky technical aspects of owning or managing a website.

What you need is a knowledgeable partner, somebody who you can trust to manage the technical aspects of website ownership like hosting, domain management, website backups, plug-in & framework updates and other routine technical maintenance. The problem is, finding a reliable person or firm to do this is difficult, in part, because you have no idea what qualifications this person should have and you feel uneasy because you have no idea if you’re jumping out of the proverbial frying pan and into the fire, leading to yet the next chapter of frustrations.

We understand that sinking, helpless feeling when you’re not only out of suggestions but you just don’t know what step to take next, which is why we’ve created the Hassle-Free Website Hosting Partner program. Here’s how it works:


Let’s have a chat to see what your needs are. It’s important to us that we get you set up with what you need and not a bunch of stuff you don’t need.


You can pick a package below or we we can set it up behind the scenes during Step 1. Either way, we’ll chat with you to get the details of your website.


Get a coffee and do all the other things you need to do. Yes, you can do all of the stuff that you need to do, because we can take it from here.

So make the smart switch and sign up below, call or email us today and tell us your woes and we’ll show you how we can get you back to your job, you know, the one you actually want to do? In the meantime, you may want to see what our long-time client Jan had to say about our hosting service:

“HPX Media has been hosting and managing our Ashcroft & Associates website for over 8 years. Prior to this, we had somebody managing our site who rarely responded to emails and getting them to do anything was painful. HPX has always been consistent in their level of customer service and professionalism but most importantly, they’re always there when we need them. HPX has been an invaluable and reliable, long-term partner for us.”

Not all hosting is created equal.

And we’re all about quality (and saving you from hair-pulling frustration.) This is why we’re a peach among the apples.

Isolated and Balanced Hosting

Our hosting partitioned and load-balanced—so if another website on the server gets hacked, blacklisted or brought down by traffic, your site remains up and stable.

Protect • Detect • React

Your site is locked up safe. Our team proactively monitors our servers for issues before they happen and if something does, they are responsive, friendly and efficient.

Updates & Backups Included

Our hosting takes work off your plate with regular backups as well as WordPress framework, theme and plug-in updates done for you.


WordPress Hosting

Basic hosting package for WordPress websites.

$275 /yr

WordPress Hosting Secure+

Enhanced and extra secure hosting for WordPress.

$35 /mo

WordPress Hosting Basic+

Includes the Lite hosting package, plus our Basic OVERSITE plan.

$140 /mo

WordPress for Small Business+

Includes the Lite hosting package, plus our Small Business OVERSITE plan.

$235 /mo

  Features Include: Features Include: Features Include: Features Include:
Core Features:
OVERSITE Website Monitoring
Website Backups
Plug-In Updates We will update your website’s licensed and stand-alone (not theme-dependent) plug-ins.
WordPress Framework Updates
Theme Updates Your website’s licensed template will be updated as updates are released by the original developer.
Bonus Features:
Free SSL Certificate Free SSL certificate only available for hosting clients.
Discounted Hourly Studio Rate Receive a discounted rate on the HPX Media hourly rate. Save 5%
Website Assessment We’ll review your website from a customer, search engine and development viewpoint and report back with any recommendations or issues we discover. $199 $199 First 5 pages free First 10 pages free
Website Optimization Looking to make your site run more quickly? Varies by need—we’d be happy to quote you a price.
Free Support Minutes Free minutes of technical support time included per month. 15 min 30 min

Non-Profit Hosting & Vault

We’ve worked with enough non-profits to know that they often experience unique issues. When an organization relies on a board and volunteers to manage their website, training, documentation, account access and credentials, information often gets lost as years go on and volunteers come and go. We understand these frustrations and offer a specific hosting package that will meet these unique needs.

Introducing our Non-Profit Hosting with Vault service. The details are still in the works, however, the core service will be a special hosting package for non-profits who would like assistance with the long term management of their online assets, as well as continuity training as volunteers come and go. Our Vault service means that you can keep all of your training, account access and other details with us to ensure continuity as volunteers come and go.

Included in this service is:

  • The same great, quality hosting mentioned above.
  • A Vault service where you can leave all of your pertinent website / online information, credentials, etc. with us, so it won’t get lost as volunteers come and go.
  • An annual 1-hour training service or Q & A session where we can train or answer questions for any new website editor.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting pricing for any of these services, please contact us, as we’re happy to share the details that we have so far.