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WordPress Website Hosting

No-fuss, low maintenance WordPress website hosting.

At HPX Media, we believe in offering a full suite of services that will allow you to manage your website and related services under one roof. This is the one time in life where you do want to keep all your eggs in one basket. The advantage of this is that for any need, you only need to place one phone call.

We offer website hosting to complement our suite of creative offerings. While our goal isn’t to compete with the big providers out there, our prices are fairly competitive, however, the comparison is apples to oranges. Our hosting is more than just hosting a website. It’s a friendly voice you can call if something has gone wrong who has your business’s best interest at heart and we’re here to make your life as easy as we can. We don’t like hassles any more than you do, so we offer premium hosting and we do it right the first time.

Wondering if we can host your site even though we didn’t build it? Absolutely. Often businesses have websites build by developers who move on or that they’re simply not happy with the service they’ve been getting. We’re happy to host your site.

Contact us for more information on hosting.


Non-Profit Hosting & Vault

We’ve worked with enough non-profits to know that they often experience unique issues. When an organization relies on a board and volunteers to manage their website, training, documentation, account access and credentials, information often gets lost as years go on and volunteers come and go. We understand these frustrations and offer a specific hosting package that will meet these unique needs.

Coming in 2020 is our Non-Profit Hosting with Vault service. The details are still in the works, however, the core service will be a special hosting package for non-profits who would like assistance with the long term management of their online assets, as well as continuity training as volunteers come and go. Our Vault service means that you can keep all of your training, account access and other details with us to ensure continuity as volunteers come and go.

Included in this service is:

  • The same great, quality hosting mentioned above.
  • A Vault service where you can leave all of your pertinent website / online information, credentials, etc. with us, so it won’t get lost as volunteers come and go.
  • An annual training service or Q & A session where we can train or answer questions for any new website editor.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting pricing for any of these services, please contact us, as we’re happy to share the details that we have so far.



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