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Using Graphic Design to Help Your Business Succeed

You’ve likely had the experience where somebody raves to you about a new type of coffee, a fabulous vacation spot or a newly discovered store. Other than their emphatic recommendation, you really have no motivation to try it because you don’t know what you’re missing. But eventually you do and then BAM! You wonder what you ever did before it.

Good graphic design has this same effect on business owners after they’ve worked with a professional graphic designer. All too often business owners looking to source basic marketing tools for their business pick up the phone to call their printer, their web designer and other similar providers with little thought put into the overarching look and feel. When each piece is ordered separately, the overall consistency can be overlooked resulting in a disjointed, inconsistent appearance.

Whether it’s a business, a charitable organization, a fundraiser or a political campaign, it’s vitally important to take a step back from the checklist and ask, “How do I want my organization to be perceived?” Buttoned-down? Elegant? Fun? Green? Cheapest price in town? If you don’t use colour, fonts and layout to reinforce your message, you’re missing a large part of your message! You can inspire your viewers with design by setting the stage for the message they’re about to read. The colour black with a chunky font gives a masculine, rugged feel, but swap that font for one with delicate serifs and add some space, you’ve got high-end elegance.

What you need is an individual who can navigate the world of fonts, colours and complicated design programs. A person who can give your business a powerful visual identity on which your brand can grow. A person who can use design to reinforce the message, the personality and the strengths of your organization. Enter: the graphic designer. Your graphic designer is the visual advocate for your business. In the same way you always ensure your business runs in a manner that follows your principles for success, a graphic designer ensures your business is always represented in a way that supports the brand. In addition, they’ll manage all of those providers for you, so you don’t have to. Ask any business owner who’s hired a professional graphic designer and they’ll rave about the results. They’ll likely tell you 1) it was absolutely worth the investment they made and 2) they never imagined their business could look so good!

When you use a consistent look and feel for all the elements that represent your organization, from social media to your website to business cards and PowerPoint, your business looks established. Credible, legitimate, experienced and knowledgeable are qualities generally associated with established businesses; qualities that most new businesses possess, but struggle to communicate. Talk to a graphic designer and ask them how they can make your business look every bit as experienced, knowledgeable and legitimate as your competition.

If you have any questions about how graphic design can improve your business, please contact us today.



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