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We ❤ The Comox Valley

Local Hiring Practices

In this day and age, in this line of work there are no such things as borders and distance. You can physically contract work out to somebody in India just as easily as you can to your neighbour, and on some levels, that’s a great business practice. Why pay somebody $50 an hour when you can pay them $3? Sounds appealing, right? There’s a few reasons Halftone Pixel doesn’t do this. First, we love the Comox Valley; we love the people and we love the lifestyle and we want to see our region, and the people of our region succeed, so they can grow and help others in the same way we’ve helped them. We have a tech sector here that is really starting to gain momentum, and this is fabulous for the Comox Valley because this industry is for the most part intangible. Websites, apps, social media all exist in the cloud. You get all of the benefits a growing industry brings to a local economy without having the negative environmental aspects associated with large production-based industries. This is why tech is such a great fit for the Comox Valley. It’s a booming industry that leaves a very small physical and environmental footprint on our picturesque community. And really, who doesn’t want more nerds around? They’re so chic.

The other reason we don’t like to outsource too far from home is because we like the human contact. While we love being online, there’s a time and a place for it and it’s important to maintain a healthy balance. We feel better work is produced by a team who might not share the same office, but we share the same philosophies and goals. We are all close enough that we can physically get together to reconnect and regroup in a business sense, but also to celebrate successes together. It’s better for our people and it’s better for our clients.

Strengthening Our Comox Valley

We believe strongly in community—people helping people—and Halftone Pixel favours helping many through empowering a key few. By donating design work to organizations which may not otherwise have access, the results can be profound. A strengthened identity can give an organization more impact, which in turn can lead to more effective fundraising activities, making more of an impact in the community and the people they serve.

In addition to empowering through quality design, we believe in supporting our local design community. Kris founded the Graphic Artist Collective, a small gathering of local graphic designers to create a community of support, mentorship and promote collaboration to aid in the growth of local graphic designers and students.

Owner Kris has is also involved with the Young Professionals Comox Valley, the Comox Valley Women in Business, is a member of the CV Chamber of Commerce and is the current vice president of BNI Olympic Gold. Halftone Pixel also supports various local charities like Y.A.N.A. and Rotary through event sponsorship, and a portion of each sale goes to a local charity each quarter from which the Comox Valley Transition Society has benefited in 2014. Each of these organizations do tremendous work for their members or provide an invaluable service to the people they serve and Halftone Pixel is eager to help in any way possible.

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