Website Monitoring

(Think of us like fairies that protect and manage your website while you’re busy working, sleeping mowing the lawn or doing the things you want to do, rather than babysit your website.)

WordPress maintenance, security, backups and support for WordPress websites.

Websites owners rejoice!

Between backing up your WordPress website, doing spot checks and checking it for malicious activity, your website needs a fair amount of attention. We understand that your time is precious, and that you’ve got other things you’d rather be doing than framework, plugin and theme updates. We  get understand. We love it, but know that you probably don’t.

Your website is the foundation of your organization’s marketing, both online and in the real world and you’ve invested a lot of money to make sure that website represents you the way you need. It’s your salesperson who works for you 24 hours, 7 days a week. Like any business, it’s vitally important that your sales force be representing your business in a professional manner, and it must be reliable so as to not miss any of that vital traffic.

Trust HPX Media to watch over your website so you don’t have to. We provide the following:

WordPress Updates

WordPress websites require a components to keep them running and secure. Weekly (or even daily) plugin, framework and template updates are required to ensure your website stays secure and works the way it was intended.

WordPress Backups

Very much like computer backups, website backups are vitally important. Should the worst happen, you can rest easy knowing we do regular backups that will go as far back as six months (or longer if request.)

24/7 Malware Monitoring

With real-time malware monitoring, we can detect malicious activity quickly and can take steps to minimize damage. If your site gets hacked we’ll get it up and running again – fast.

Real-Time Security Protection

Our firewall stops your site from getting hacked by blocking malicious traffic before it can access your website. Automatically updated with new firewall rules in real-time, this is great proactive protection for your website.

Visual Website Inspections

You’ve invested time and money ensuring your website builds your brand they way you want and we want to make sure it stays looking the way you intended with monthly visual inspections and cross-browser testing.

Hosted in Canada

Having your data in Canada means that alongside proper use of secure protocols, the legal system of other countries can’t overreach to gain access to your data; it’s subject only to Canadian laws and privacy acts.

Saving $364 /month sounds great, right?

The services provided in these packages allow you to go on with your daily business and do the things that you do best, confident that your website is in good hands. What we do here is definitely something you could do on your own, however, your time may be better spent doing the things that make your business better. If you’re interested in having us set you up so you can do these tasks yourself, that is absolutely something we can do, and are happy to. But, before we do, you may want to consider this: Between the fees you’d pay, and your time, to complete these tasks yourself would cost you $364 /month. (Calculations based on the services offered in the professional package.)

See how we came to that number!

Time Savings:

5 minutes: (Weekly) Breaking away from work, freeing yourself from other distractions and logging into your website.
5 minutes: (Weekly) Backing up website prior to any changes.
5 minutes: (Weekly) Plug in updates, and testing site to ensure nothing has broken.
5 minutes: (Weekly) Any theme and WordPress framework updates.
20 minutes: Visual inspection of website.
30 minutes: (minimum!) Time you’ll spend addressing issues that you’ve discovered.
Total of 130 minutes=$302.40 of your time, per month! (assuming an hourly rate of $140 /hr.)

Financial Savings:

$16.00: Hosting (broken down monthly.)
$99.00: Real-time security monitoring.
$10.00: SSL Certificate (broken down monthly.)
$10.00: Website backup storage (broken down monthly.)
$42.00: 30 minutes of HPx included support time.

Total of $177.00 / month.

Don’t forget, not included in all of this, is the one-time website optimization, plus the time it would take you to source your desired backup, uptime monitoring and security plug-ins.

We estimate that is an annual savings of $4312.80!

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Discount on Website Hosting

Hosted on WordPress Optimized Server


WordPress Framework Updates

WordPress Plugin Updates

Theme Updates (where req'd.)

Security Scanning

Malware Scanning

Uptime Monitoring

Malware Clean-up (as req'd.)

SSL Certificate

Initial WordPress Speed Optimization

Basic Visual Website Inspection:

   • Look & feel still consistent

   • Fonts still supported

   • Menus work properly

Comprehensive  Visual Website Inspection:

   • Missing images

   • Broken links

   • Page & script load errors

   • Comment moderation

   • Cross-browser testing

   • Mobile device testing

Google Analytics Reporting

Additional Monitoring through Google Webmaster Tools

Support Minutes


One-Time Setup Fee




Weekly / Monthly

Reports on Request

15 minutes






Daily / Weekly / Monthly

Reports on Request

30 minutes


$0 - If paid annually or quarterly.

($99 if paid monthly)

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