OVERSITE Website Care Plans

We know you’ve got better things to do than worry about the nerdy and technical aspects of your website. We are your long term partner for the nuts and bolts that keep your site secure but also looking great.

Do you cringe when you think about how long it’s been since you visited your own website? Cringe no longer—we’ve got you covered.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your website and it’s important that your visitors have a good experience. However, over time, your website can change. As your website’s components & browsers update—like a car—parts stop working or just don’t present as well as it did on launch day. These issues can compromise your brand or reputation, or even prevent your visitors from reaching out.

Learn why your website needs to be monitored.

Your website is a collection of many 3rd-party moving pieces that need to be maintained and monitored to ensure those pieces stay in good working order. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your website to craft the perfect experience for your visitors but over time, things change.

Like a car—where parts wear out and start to vibrate, tires blow out—your website will experience similar issues and this can affect how your site looks and works. Browsers update causing elements to shift, forms can fail or the emails start hitting your spam folder, slow or partial page loads can frustrate users only. Websites get hacked, so backups are vital to preserving your investment, and your time. If you’ve got better things to do than babysitting your website, let us keep an eye on your site for you.

Our monitoring service includes a couple of things others folks don’t offer…

We do a lot of the things other companies do: extra backups, security & malware scanning, 24/7 to the minute monitoring to ensure your site is live. What makes our service different, is that we physically visit your website each month. Your website can experience issues that only visiting the website will catch: broken Google maps, broken fonts and failed forms, to name a few. Trust HPX Media to watch over your website so you don’t have to.

Save over $4600 per year

This service is something you could DIY, but why would you? Your time is far better spent doing the things that make you a pro at your business. Between the fees you’d pay and your valuable time, we estimate that completing these tasks yourself would cost you $385.40 /month. That’s over $4624 per year! (Based on the Small Business package.) Here’s how we came to that number:

Set Up Tasks ($550.00)

Research, choose, purchase and configure a:

  • backup service (3 hrs)
  • Up time monitor (1 hr)
  • security service (1 hr)
  • plug-in manager (2 hrs)
Time Savings ($302.40 per month)
  • 5 minutes: (Weekly) Breaking away from work, freeing yourself from other distractions and logging into your website.
  • 5 minutes: (Weekly) Backing up website prior to any changes.
  • 5 minutes: (Weekly) Plug in updates, and testing site to ensure nothing has broken.
  • 5 minutes: (Weekly) Any theme and WordPress framework updates.
  • 20 minutes: Visual inspection of website.
  • 30 minutes: (minimum!) Time you’ll spend addressing issues that you’ve discovered.

Total of 130 minutes = $302.40 of your time, per month! (assuming an hourly rate of $140 /hr.)

Financial Savings: ($83.00 per month)
  • $8.00: Hosting (broken down monthly.)
  • $10.00: SSL Certificate (broken down monthly.)
  • $10.00: Website backup storage (broken down monthly.)
  • $55.00: 30 minutes of HPx included support time.

Plus, there’s no telling how much time, money and reputation you’ll save if we have prevented your site from getting hacked or going offline.

Our WordPress monitoring packages include these great features:

Visual Website Inspections

We check to make sure your site looks and works well: we fill out your forms, check fonts, element alignment, full page loads.

Real-Time Security Protection

Our firewall stops your site from getting hacked by blocking malicious traffic before it can access your website.

24/7 Up-Time Monitoring

With 1-minute interval checks, we are alerted the instant your site goes offline.

Website & Database Backups

Rest easy knowing we keep regular backups of your site; up to six months, if needed.

WordPress Updates

WordPress websites are made up of a variety of components. These plugins, framework and template require frequent updates to ensure your website up and running and secure.

Malware Scanning

We monitor your site for any malicious activity that could be happening.

Other services available in select packages, or can be purchased separately as needed:

Fix a Hacked Website

Has your website been hacked? We can help get your site cleaned up and up and running in no time. We’ll also make sure it’s super secure.

WordPress Support

WordPress can have a steep learning curve. We can train you using your site via screencast videos so you can pause and re-watch them.

Website Assessment

Is your website sluggish or not generating the leads you think it should be? Let’s find out. We’ll report back on any issues related to users, search engines or development.

Canadian Hosting

Hosting your website with us means that, alongside proper secure protocols, your data stays in Canada & is protected by Canadian laws and privacy acts.

Easy Pricing

Shake that sinking, Ugh, I haven’t looked at our website in ages and I can’t find the time-feeling. Rest easy knowing that your website is up, it’s protected and your customers are having a great experience on your website.


Visual Only

Ideal for non-WordPress websites.

$65 CAD

per month


Ideal for blogs and 2-3 page WP websites.

$125 CAD

per month

Small Business

Ideal for small businesses and WP websites with 5-8 pages.

$185 CAD

per month


Ideal for websites that rely heavily on website traffic.

$295 CAD

per month

Features Include:Features Include:Features Include:Features Include:
Includes Website Hosting  A $240 /yr value. This price inclusion applies to HPX Media hosting clients only. Hosting your website isn’t mandatory to use this service. However, we’ll waive the $200 website transfer fee if you choose to host your website and domains with us.
Core Features:
Website BackupsWeekly (3 months) Daily (3 months)Daily (6 months)
Plug-In Updates We will update your website’s licensed and stand-alone (not theme-dependent) plug-ins.
WordPress Framework Updates
Theme Updates Your website’s licensed template will be updated as updates are released by the original developer.
Uptime Monitoring With 1-minute intervals, we’ll know almost immediately if your site experiences a catastrophic fail.
List of Site Users Any users you don’t recognize could indicate the site has been compromised.
Monthly Report Each month you’ll receieve a report on our findings so you can stay current with your website.
Physical Inspection:
General Look & Feel We will check global elements to ensure your website continues to be attractive and presentable. Home + 2 pagesHome + 2 pagesHome + 5 pagesHome + 10 pages
Mobile Testing We’ll test your website on a number of mobile devices.2 pages2 pages5 pages10 pages
Cross-Browser Testing We’ll test your website in the current versions of the top three browsers.2 pages2 pages5 pages10 pages
Test Menus We’ll test the menus to ensure they work and align properly.
Test Website Forms We will fill out up to 3 forms on your site to ensure they are functional.
Missing Images We’ll check to make sure there’s no missing images.
Broken Links We’ll make sure the external links in your website continue to work.
Font Check We’ll check to ensure the fonts on your site continue to look good.
Spam Comment Moderation We’ll clean out any spam comments.
Security Features:
User ReviewWe’ll look at your list of users to ensure no fake users have been set up. This is a good way to tell if the site has been compromised.
Review Post ListWe’ll look at your list of posts to ensure no fake posts have been created. This is a good way to tell if the site has been compromised.
Endpoint Firewall Our robust firewall:

  • Limits or blocks resource hogging or fake Google crawlers
  • Ability to manually block unwanted traffic by country.
  • Blocks brute force attacks
Malware Scanning Our comprehensive malware scanner:

  • scans your website for malware, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections.
  • flags abandonded plug-ins.
  • includes content safety checks ensure your files, posts or comments don’t contain dangerous URLs.
Malware Clean Up We will clean up your website should it ever become compromised.Varies by needIncluded—up to $150Included
Optimization/Performance Features:
Initial Image Optimization We’ll optimize your website’s existing images for size to keep from adding unnecessary time to page loads.
Ongoing Image Optimization Optimizes each image you upload to the website.
Test Website Speed We test the speed of your website to ensure it’s running quickly for users.
Clean Database We clear the database of any unused data so it’s as streamlined as possible.
Test Website Accessibility We test the accessibility of your website for users with alternative viewing methods. Accessibility can plays a role in how well your website performs in search engines.
Google Analytic Reports We’ll provide the previous months website statistics from Google Analytics.
General Loading Errors We’ll review the site for any loading errors.
Performance Report A health check-up report on the different technical aspects of the site and any improvements that could be made.
Discounts on Services:
Free SSL Certificate Free SSL certificate only available for hosting clients.
Discounted Hourly Studio Rate Receive a discounted rate on the HPX Media hourly rate.Save 5%Save 10%
Website Assessment We’ll review your website from a customer, search engine and development viewpoint and report back with any recommendations or issues we discover.$199$199First 10 pages freeFirst 20 pages free
Website Optimization Looking to make your site run more quickly?Varies by need—we’d be happy to quote you a price.
Free Support Minutes Free minutes of included support time per month.0 min0 min15 min30 min

Visit our Monitoring Service Terms and Conditions for the full details.

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