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Before working with HPX Media, we would like you to share with you how our billing works, how different types of payments are processed, as well as other important information we want to share with you so you know what to expect when working with us.

HPX Media Hourly Rates:

  • Projects under 10 hours: $130 /hr. ($160 /hr for senior roles)
  • Projects over 10 hours: $120 /hr. ($150 /hr for senior roles)

Free Consultation

We offer prospective and returning clients a free, 30-minute consultation (via phone, email or Google Meet) for each new work project. 

As a result of the initial consultation, a document of scope will be created that outlines the complete list of tasks requested as well as a price, or an approximate pricing range, to complete the work. This document of scope (which could be an email or a separate document) is provided free of charge.


Support Calls & Emails

When you need help, we encourage you to reach out. After all, we’re hear to help you and make your life easier.

When you reach out to us for support the inital call/email time is often not charged, and this is at our discretion. However, to troubleshoot—typically—runs about 2 hours. When we find the issue, we will report back to you with the cause as well as the plan and the estimate for the fix.

Please email your help requests to support@hpxmedia.com.

Payments & Recurring Payments

We accept e-transfer, credit cards, cheques or cash as methods of payment. All payments are due upon receipt unless indicated otherwise on the invoice.

HPX Media has two types of billing:

  • Regular billing
  • Recurring billing

Regular billing: For regular billing (that isn’t a recurring charge like hosting, website care plans, etc.) we accept most forms of payment, and you may choose the form of payment you prefer.

Recurring billing: For hosting, domain, monthly care plans or any other kind of payment that adheres to a schedule, these invoices must be paid via credit card (kept on file) and you will be billed according to schedule—the payment automatically being processed on the due date specified on the invoice. Once the payment has been processed, you will receive a receipt via email. The exception is for monthly hosting and care plans, where you will only receive a receipt of payment.

Billing Schedules

For projects:

Under $2000.00:

  • 50% to prior to start
  • 50% (plus any additional charges or change requests.) Invoiced after final approval and is payable prior to changes being pushed live.

Over $2000.00:

  • 40% at acceptance of the proposal which holds your space in the production queue.
  • 40% at a milestone.
  • 20% (plus any additional charges or change requests.) Invoiced after final approval and is payable prior to changes being pushed live.

Thinking about paying by credit card? Ask us about our e-transfer discount.

Project Management – Not Unlimited

Included in the document of scope is a reasonable amount of project management. Excessive or disorganized emails, repeated conversations/emails, delays, changes in scope and requoting will consume more project management time than is allocated, and will increase the project cost beyond what is quoted.

Change Requests, Alteration/Revision of Scope & Re-Quotes

Once the project is accepted, the work will begin. It’s not uncommon for new items to be added to the project—going through process often triggers new ideas, and this is a-okay, but will impact the price you were quoted as time will be required to:

  • investigate the new work and determine pricing for it.
  • assess how your proposed changes will affect previously completed and/or approved work.
  • revising and consolidate the scope list, getting approval to proceed.

The time required to execute these tasks are billable.

Client Responsibility

Regardless of whether your project is a new site build or website changes, we can’t do this without you. When you work with us, we are expecting a few things from you, so we can do our jobs with the amount we quoted you.

  • Have the company knowledge and expertise to provide full and accurate goals/needs at the beginning of the project.
  • Dedicate time to the needs of the project and stay engaged throughout the process.
  • Be organized, read correspondence thoroughly and in a timely manner within 3 business days.
  • Review all provided documentation and screencast videos prior to responding.
  • Provide thorough and complete feedback and responses in a timely manner, within 3 business days.
  • Seek clarification for any uncertainties.
  • Inform us of delays over one week. (Note that a delay of over one week will put the project into hold status and lose its place in the production queue. When the project is picked up again we will inform you of  the updated timeline, and a minimum of one hour fee will be charged to review and get the project back into the queue.)

The number of hours dedicated to your project are not unlimited. A reasonable amount of time has been allocated to tasks such as phone meetings and emails, if required. Re-sending previously sent emails and information, re-quoting, re-discussing previously agreed upon details will cause additional project management fees not included in your quote.

If you agree to work with us, it assumed that you have read and agreed to this page.

Last modified: 2024-02-27

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