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Did you know that there is no regulation in this industry? Anybody can wake up one day and decide to take a couple courses and be a website developer.  It's up to the consumer to know who to hire. Website development is complex and often people don't know where to start.

Our hope is you will find these articles #flufffree, practical and full of good knowledge you can use to make the best decisions for you.

Is your website excluding 66% of your visitors?

Imagine you’re buying a car. You walk into the dealership and the salesperson points to a blue hatchback and says that is the car you should buy. Would you appreciate that, or would you be walking out the door? For most people, they’d be walking out the door.
Most people want to learn about the options, determine what options fit their needs then narrow down the remaining options then make their own decision.
The reality is that our customers are all in different phases of their buying journey. But if your website only caters to the users who know exactly what they want, there may be a lot of people who come to your website who hit that big old BACK button because they can’t find the information they need.
It’s important to remember that when users are coming to your website, they are going to be in one of the three different stages in the buying cycle: Discovery/Research, Consideration or Decision. If the information on your website only caters to one of these stages, then you are likely missing some revenue opportunities and leaving cash on the table.
It can be hard as business owners to be able to see this aspect of our users, but this is something we can help with. We work with our clients to ferret out the information your website visitors need to be able to answer their questions so as to make that purchase decision. If you’re interested in getting some help rounding out the content on your website to appeal to users in every stage in the buying cycle, we’d be happy to chat. Contact us today.


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