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As the new year arrives, we look inwards and with the best intentions, resolve to stop, start, do more, do less or better. Inner reflection is not limited to us personally but is applicable to our businesses as well; it’s as good time as any to take an inventory of how your business presents itself to the world. While there are many public-facing aspects of your business, your logo is the foundation and it needs to be strong to stand up to the task. Here are five quick questions you can ask yourself to test how well your logo measures up.

Is your logo simple and easy to understand? Your logo needs to be simple enough that a viewer can instantly understand it should they only get a fleeting glance of it off vehicle graphics or a passing road sign. Complicated logos can be hard to comprehend and detailed logos may experience output problems if printed too small.

Does your logo fit your industry’s visual conventions? Some industries have a certain look associated with them; most financial organizations use conservative colours and serif fonts where as fast food restaurants use trendier fonts and bright colours. Over time, these similarities have been engrained in our subconscious as the norm. If a business doesn’t fit our expectation of the norm, we instantly become wary. Some organizations defy this convention successfully and if your organization can pull it off, it will reap the rewards of standing head and shoulders above its competition. It may be a long and expensive road however, with significant marketing required to remind your viewers of your organization’s amazing capabilities, despite its unorthodox appearance.

How many versions of your logo do you currently employ? Do you have a website displaying your new logo but you’ve got a box of business cards you want to finish up before ordering more with the new logo? If so, stop right now! Different logos confuse your viewers and will water down your brand.

How timeless is your logo? Was your logo created in 1994? Does it look like it was created in 1994? Unless you’re selling antiques, it’s more important now than ever to ensure your business looks up-to-date, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Your customers want to know that your business is current and they will assume so if your logo reflects this.

A simple logo usually means a long-lasting logo. Timeless fonts like Helvetica and Avenir and simple illustrations will stand the test of time. The Nike swoosh was created in 1971 and the Coca-Cola logo is over 100 years old.

Your logo is the foundation on which your brand is built and if it’s done right, it will nest itself neatly in your customers’ minds forever. How much is that real estate worth to you? Don’t underestimate the value of your logo.