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Did you know that there is no regulation in this industry? Anybody can wake up one day and decide to take a couple courses and be a website developer.  It's up to the consumer to know who to hire. Website development is complex and often people don't know where to start.

Our hope is you will find these articles #flufffree, practical and full of good knowledge you can use to make the best decisions for you.

Why Hire a Professional Copywriter?

Feeling Like a Fish Out of Water?

At a Loss for Words? Pressed for Time?

We know that you are amazing at whatever it is you do and, yes, we know that you learned how to write in school. But do you know how to write copy specifically designed for the Internet? And, seriously, do you have the time?

By hiring a professional web writer, you can leave the fear of deadlines and brainstorming up to someone with the time, talent and experience to get the job done on schedule and on budget. No need to worry about grammar, spelling, and eye-catching headings. A professional writer will ensure your web copy has a polished, professional appearance that is perfectly suited to your specific type of business. And you can continue making money doing whatever it is that you do best.

A professional writer can help you streamline the writing and website development process by:

  • Working in collaboration with the web designer, to create a sitemap and creative concept for your website
  • Helping you identify your target market
  • Developing content from your ideas and/or previous documents
  • Ensuring consistency in writing style and spelling
  • Avoiding clichés, typos, and poor grammar
  • Identifying missing material and researching new content.

Fishing for Website Visitors – Understanding SEO

“SEO” is not just an Internet buzzword!

In plain English, Search Engine Optimization or ‘SEO’ is the name given to what happens when someone ‘searches’ for a product, service or business on the Internet. When used creatively and correctly, certain words will help rank your business higher than others in your community, and your website will display higher in the listings.

In simple terms, when people go looking to find exactly what YOU do, SEO is what helps drive your website listing to the top of the page. It is the process of getting traffic to your website from the free, organic, natural search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, based on what these search engines ‘think’ is most relevant to users.

Just as you can’t catch a salmon on a fishing lure designed to hook a rainbow trout, you can’t catch a search engine’s interest with the wrong (or poor) choice of words.

How Important is SEO?

SEO is to websites, as water is to fish

Think of your website like a fish, only it is swimming in a sea of words. (And there are SHARKS in those muddy waters!)

Not only does great content help increase your ranking, it shows Google/Bing/Yahoo that you are an expert in your field. Yes, some companies actually PAY the various search engines to guarantee that their websites land at the top of the page, but understand that better ranking can also be achieved with the right choice of words.

Write Here! Right Now!

At HPX Media, we work in collaboration with two of the best website writers in the industry, based right here in our community. (Both have been members of the Professional Writers’ Association of Canada for many years.) You can rest assured that these professional writers will work with you to fully understand your business and what it is that you hope to achieve by creating a new website.

If you have questions about what a copywriter can do for your website, contact us today.


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