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"I launched my site last week and I can’t find it anywhere on Google. How do I get it there?" Have you recently launched your new website only to be disappointed when you went to your favourite search engine and couldn’t find it on the first, second, third, or any page at all? You are not alone. I frequently consult new business owners who have overestimated the volume of search engine-generated traffic their website will enjoy after its launch. They anticipate the site will be flooded with...

We had a great time at the Chamber of Commerce's Showcase tradeshow. Thanks to everybody who stopped by our booth, had a cookie and talked a little shop. It was great to meet so many friendly people!

If you own a domain, chances are that you've received a very formal, authoritative-looking letter in the mail from what you may have presumed to be the very formal, authoritative-looking Domain Registry of Canada. It came in a brown, #10 Kraft envelope, similar to what you would see from the Province or Canada Revenue Agency, and it also included a return envelope. The letter inside and the form look like something you'd pick up at a Service Canada office. So why does the Government of Canada...

Kris Trudeau was one of the top 100 finalists for Vancouver Island's Top 20 Under 40. Congratulations to all the other nominees, finalists and winners!  

Each quarter, HPX Media donates a percentage of its sales to a local charitable organization as part of our Community Counts program that gives back to the community. This past quarter we chose to support the Comox Valley Transition Society and all of the really great work they do.

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