What HPX Media Stands For

We Do This On Purpose

At HPX Media, we do more than stack pixels and throw around colour. We help owners grow their business by developing creative—be it a website, logo, business cards or vehicle graphics—that gets results. Anybody can create a website or a logo that takes up space, but it takes experience, careful planning and consideration to build something that makes the impression you need to capture people’s interest and build the credibility and trustworthiness of your business.

This is where HPX Media stands apart. We go above and beyond your expectations to learn about your business and your customers, to get to the heart of what is going to motivate your customers to take the action that it is you want. Only after this happens will you see the return on your investment.

We create websites that work to break down the barriers that stand between your customer and a potential sale.

Client Success Comes First

Our success comes only after the success of our clients. Businesses hire us because they take themselves seriously and they have plans and goals to succeed and grow their business. We are honoured to be a part of that process; to provide those valuable tools that will play a role in achieving those goals. Businesses invest in themselves through us, and we take this trust very seriously. We’re not here to build our portfolio, we’re here to help business owners take their business to the next level.


Our Clients

We want our clients and potential clients to have a good understanding of what it is we’re proposing to them. Sometimes this involves giving them a crash course on something to give them the context they need to see that value. For example, everybody has their perception of how a website should work, and sometimes this conflicts with how a website might work in reality for their business. If a business orders a website and they’re expecting a Facebook-like functionality because they just assume this is what a “website” has, you can see how there may be disappointment at the end if that functionality isn’t there. We do our best to ferret out these expectations, which can be tricky, because frequently these aren’t conscious thoughts but foregone conclusions ingrained from what they’ve seen on other sites. We want customers to be overjoyed at the end, so managing those expectations is key, and involves the sharing of knowledge (and a well-defined document of scope.)

Not Just Our Clients

While we love clients and see the value in educating them, it’s not just about the clients. We believe in general education for all and we publish articles on the HPX Media website for the benefit of all consumers seeking creative solutions for their businesses or organizations. Some of the articles teach people how to fish so to speak, so website owners can become more self-reliant and not be forced to hire talent for every little task. Some articles provide a basic foundation of knowledge so when people interview designers/firms for their project, be it in the Comox Valley, Vancouver, Phoenix or Hong Kong, they have some basic understanding and a few questions that will yield real answers they can use to make a more informed decision. While we think our articles are great, so does Small Business BC as they’ve published five of our articles.

The Greater Good

Like any industry, there are well-intentioned people who try but just can’t deliver on their promises, as well as businesses who take advantage confused, uneducated clients. At HPX Media, we are particularly sensitive to this as in our industry, there is no regulatory body to confirm competency or monitor standards. Any person can buy software and call themselves a graphic designer or a web developer. We feel it’s our duty and the duty of all professional creative businesses to provide a certain amount education to arm people with knowledge, so they can identify who a reputable business and avoid the pitfalls of the well-intentioned but inexperienced and the flat out, not-so-well-intentioned.